Features and benefits

Unlike other website designers I will do far more than just design a template that you must fill in. I will custom design, manage, and maintain your website for you. Here's just a few of the things I offer to each and every client:

In other words: I do everything for you. You just tell me what you want on the site and I'll make it appear. There's nothing you have to do or know. You do not need any experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, or MySQL.

Design Features

I specialize in creating sleek, professional, and quick loading websites. I do not create designs that have a intensive amount of images -- I find that kind of design to be both unprofessional and slow. If you want a graphic intensive website I recommend you look elsewhere. But, if you want a fast loading, sleek, professional looking website then you've come to the right place. All websites are personally designed to your specifications, but they all meet the following standards:


Rather than a big up front cost I believe in forming a long term relationship with my customers. I charge a moderate fee at the beginning, and then a monthly fee for the continued hosting, updating, and support. You can click here to see list of basic prices. Depending on your requirements, the work involved, and other factors your costs may be more or less. If you're part of a non-profit organization, such as a church, you will receive a discount rate.

No site's too large

I have experience managing websites and servers that get over 500,000 page views a day. If you have a large scale site such as this just contact me with the site's stats and I'll give you a price quote. I can purchase and manage dedicated servers for your site.


The hosting I provide is handled by my own private dedicated server: it has a RAID 1 hard drive array for data redundancy, plus off-site backups. The server is provided by Alpha Red: a top tier data-center. The server is connected to the Internet via multihomed bandwidth with a 100Mb/sec connection. It is monitored 24/7 by me and the data-center's staff. It average over 99% up-time every month. Speed is one of my top priorities, you will not notice any slow down no matter how busy your site gets.

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